"It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, the ability to triumph begins with you, ALWAYS!" ~Oprah Winfey

Should You Always Travel With a Map?

Driving without a GPS or a map of any kind can guide any trip to an uncertain destination. Are you ever going to arrive by blindly driving in any direction? It’s impossible to get to a new place without some prior knowledge or plan. Effectively locating or even finding ‘yourself’ takes a road map, and the trip begins inside the "You" that equates to unique. The start off point is the knowledge that you WANT to travel somewhere else and mapping out the path that brings you to that place is an important first step.

Personal Versus Professional

Personal development is a major step forward to achieving professional goals and can become a long term investment of time and energy. Learn about your strengths so you can minimize your weaknesses and advance your learning to cultivate your personal brand. Understand and plan on how you can manage to build on your strong points…you help it along by making clear choices that are attainable and align with the professional development map you have dreamt about and outlined for the direction of your business. 

Thomas Edison had it right when he said, "I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work."

Measure The Space

When you hold out your arms in measurement of point A to point B that chasm in between cannot encompass empty space. It has to filled with realistic strategies for growth that will enable completion of your overall business goals. Focus on learning more about yourself to help understand how far you can expand to reach the vision and business goals that make sense to you, that can broaden your horizons, that will encourage growth. 

A Resolution For 2017

A great way to begin the New Year is to clear out all the 2016 stuff, extra things accumulating in closets, purge file cabinets, wrap up all the lose ends of different projects that clutter your mind. That will enable a path to sit down and write a laser clear, detailed vision for yourself and your business. Don’t quit! Stay focused on your road map to success.

So, now our resolution for the new year includes achieving personal goals to promote business gain. They go hand in hand joining together the way we see ourselves and clearly stating what we believe in, to the goals we have determined will be the future of our business. We can bravely step outside our comfort level to become the person we authentically are, and the level we’ve chosen to be at as the year progresses. There is no place to travel but upwards when you develop a plan to grow personally and professionally. 

Vision Is Victory: The Event

Want to make 2017 your year of transformation and growth, but unsure where to begin? You are not alone! Join other enthusiastic, like-minded entrepreneurs in Phoenix, Arizona January 20 & 21 for Carey Conley’s 4th Annual Vision Is Victory: The Event. During these two days of interactive training, you will get clear on your VISION and develop a personalized road map to success. Be prepared for exciting presentations and thrilling keynote speeches from leading experts in a variety of fields. This year it is an honor to welcome success mentor Darren Hardy as our Keynote Speaker.

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Meet and Learn From


Carey Conley

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Darren Hardy


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