"To plan the future with intention, we have to reflect on the past with intention." ~ Steven Ma

Hmmm. I feel as though I’ve just won the lottery! Checked my calendar today and was excited to see an open slot, recalled my client had cancelled just last week. The open hole equated to some unexpected quiet time heading my way! So I grabbed and held onto the perfect scenario for me to relax with a steamy cup of mint tea, a comfy pair of slippers and some soothing music in the background.

The Year’s End…A New Beginning

The end of this year is barely a short six weeks away and I’d already decided that I needed to scrounge an hour to mull over the past year to reflect on my accomplishments, challenges and mishaps.

What could I have done differently to create another outcome? And what have I learned this year that that I can implement, twist, pull and turn it around to create a WOW? Reflection allows me to review significant events to better understand how tweaking them a bit can add to new knowledge, releasing and finalizing the old event with confidence and set it aside.

Clear Away Those Difficult Roadblocks

Difficult roadblocks become small hurdles as I analyze objectively what went wrong and what I can do to reshape the future. As 2017 lingers on the horizon, it will quickly be in full swing and now is the time to release the old as a symbolic gesture, knowing I’ve gathered together a clearer vision for the future.

"We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience." John Dewey