“Whatever beginning goals you set for yourself, following through on them will build momentum and a sense of achievement and those small successes will point the way to bigger ones.” — Pamela Glass Kelly

So you made the decision that it would benefit your health to run a 5K race even though you are not physically fit enough at the moment. So what do you do and where can you begin? First, you must determine exactly who you are. You cannot grow if you don’t know who you are and where you are going.

Momentum Requires Consistency

The day arrives and you’re finally ready to set achievable goals, put on those running shoes and start! You can motivate yourself by circling around the block then gradually adding to that. Momentum takes time to build and needs focused consistency to maintain. You may even need to carve out a block of time from your busy schedule. But as time goes by and the end result becomes attainable you will be hooked. Wow it works!

Daily Workouts

The first thing that you discovered is that you were not motivated every single day to put on those running shoes. You postponed the inevitable until you finally forced yourself to get up and keep moving. It was somewhere in between that you got hooked and built momentum as you accomplished what you had set out to achieve. Time to give yourself that much needed pat on the back.

Don’t Let Up The Gas

There were some cold and rainy mornings and you so wanted to quit but you knew that you could not let up on the gas. There is sometimes the tendency to stop short half way around the track. Do not allow your momentum to become overwhelming. Keep your goals manageable and do not allow self-limiting beliefs to get in your direct path. You have to continue the momentum forward one small success at a time until you reach the next level, running 5 miles every day and loving it! Positive energy equals positive momentum and each is a steady stream of success.

Momentum in Business

So it is with business momentum. You have to consistently wear those running shoes and put block after block behind you while always focusing on what’s ahead. That is your daily workout: to build an unstoppable winning streak. You can also team up with another business partner and share the workout time, riding the wave together. Focused, consistent, on a roll with every achievement and realized goals… that’s momentum!

Leave Your Comfort Zone In The Dust

You left your comfort zone behind at the starting line and you forged ahead turning small gains into much larger goals. When you were discouraged you remained focused, when you were overwhelmed you continued, and as the momentum grew you saw a steady stream of successes. Sustain those successes and growth by embracing change and diversity of thought.