There’s Power In Life Changing Relationships

May is a transformative month.  Spring is in full swing and it’s time to get out – to get outside yourself and your business in order to look for opportunities with hidden potential. Building relationships with like-minded business owners gives you a way to learn, support, and grow together. I encourage you to find time to collaborate and cultivate support among your power partners and your A-team. There’s power to building life-changing relationships that gives you a perspective outside your own. 

Trust In Your A-Team

Your A-Team is a short list of fellow business owners that you trust, have the same values and principles as you, and truly believe in your success. Think of ways you can help each other grow. Can you collaborate together on promotions or events, or cross promote offers for each other? By helping your trusted circle, you’ll build their trust in you and a better, stronger relationship.  

Who Should You Collaborate With?

So what is a power partner? A Power Partner is another company that serves the same client base as you. The beauty of aligning with power partners that are like-minded in how you serve your clients, allows you to find other businesses in front of the same people as you. By becoming advocates for your power partners, you not only help your clients with quality services they may need, but also help each other build and grow your business.

When out networking, make it a focused conversation to learn not only who someone serves, but how. A good power partner pairing works when  you both provide the same level of care and service to your clients. If you’re like-minded in the way you serve clients and deliver your services, more than likely, you’ll find that you’ll resonate with the same client base.

When looking for a new power partner, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, do you think you and your potential power partner will work well together? Since serving the same clients, there may be times you’ll need to work with the same client at the same time. Second, are they members of your small business community that you admire and support? Even if you can’t collaborate with them directly, chances are that they know people and businesses that you don’t know. Just talking to other business owners can allow you to meet new people through them. Last, if you have competitors that you get along well with, you could collaborate with them. Working with competitors can actually bring your customers, clients, and community closer, especially when it is being done with a greater good in mind.

Meeting others and collaborating with them always seems to provide a fresh slant on things, a new point of view, or the blossoming of a new idea. This takes you full circle back to where you started, providing the ability to achieve personal growth and to think and learn new ways.

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. – Mattie Stepanek