Quiet Reflection

Spring is my favorite time of year. Its warmth and promise allows me to see forward with more clarity. This is a good time to dust off your vision strategy plan, review your progress, compare notes on what you’ve accomplished, and re-adjust if necessary to build upon your successes.  

Find some time for quiet reflection. Take stock of what worked and what didn’t work, identify what challenged you and what stood in your way of success. The best way to learn is by looking at how you navigated through your biggest challenges and what you would do differently next time. When you look at where you spent your time, see if there’s a way to hire someone to give you more time to be in your genius zone. One of the biggest lessons learned is that you can’t do this alone. Make sure you have people on your team that walk alongside you and help you to build your vision.

And the most important thing is to acknowledge your successes. Where did you shine? Celebrate your wins! Being an entrepreneur can be brutal. Make a list of all the things you did RIGHT and make sure you acknowledge that so you can do MORE of that next quarter. 

Moving Forward

How was the first quarter of 2016? Did you reach the goals you set out to reach? Did you build upon the successes you built in 2015?

If not, what stopped you? This is the time to take a hard look at what really held you back. What can you improve to move past your obstacles next time? Can you identify ways to improve your processes or communications? What else can you learn?  

This month I spoke on setting boundaries in your business. Knowing when to say NO is just as important as knowing when to say YES. Keep positive and protect your time. Remember to ask for help from the InfiniteNation community. If you want to learn how other business owners are handling similar problems, I encourage you to reach out and ask!

If you met your goals, then what was the primary factor in making that happen? Its time to celebrate your strengths! Share those with the online community. This is a hard road you’re on to build a business. Let the InfiniteNation Community be your online cheerleaders!

Quiet Reflection is Effective

Reflection and taking stock of where you are and how much you have grown is an important step to take in the process to follow your heart, your dream, and your success. By learning from our past, we ensure we don’t make the same mistakes by applying different solutions when presented with the similar problems – or improving our processes so that they don’t happen again.

The process of reflection and its effectiveness is summed up in a quote from Peter Drucker: “Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” And now we know how truly these words describe the process!