Everyone Has Their Own Definition Of Success

What does success mean to you? You may be surprised to find out that everyone has their own definition of success. For some people, success is when they acquire external rewards, such as purchasing an expensive car, house, or cell phone. Yet obtaining these items doesn’t necessarily mean that they are successful.

Others may believe that success is something that just happens; that some people can achieve success and others just cannot, no matter how hard they try.

But success is available to anyone who has a vision that is bigger than themselves. If you’ve hit a wall, you may not be thinking big enough.  Be bold. Think big. True success comes when your vision stretches you outside your comfort zone.

Vision Is Victory

Vision is properly aligning your goals and dreams and turning them into reality. Success is deciding what is important to you, and then taking the proper steps to victory.

One of the hardest aspects of this type of success is that many people don’t feel like they have anything to show after a long day at work. They are exhausted, and don’t feel like they’ve accomplished anything. Their visions and dreams stagnate, making it almost impossible for them to feel any sense of accomplishment. In this way, they leave their vision to luck – they believe that if they keep doing what they are doing, and if they are lucky, their dreams will come true.

Work With Passion and Commitment

If you leave your vision to luck, your vision will never come to fruition. You need to work towards your vision with passion and commitment to make them become a reality. It should never be a question of ‘how can I make my vision a reality’, but instead ‘what do I need to do today to help me achieve my goal’.

And don’t forget to celebrate all the small wins! Every step, no matter how small, that you take forward towards your goal is still an accomplishment and a step in the right direction. Celebrate your small successes to staying motivated to completing the bigger picture.